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Gofannon Forge Boost
January 15, 2019
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THE Last Word Boost
January 29, 2019

Bergusia Forge Boost

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Bergusia Forge Boost

The Bergusia Forge unlocks after you have completed all of the other 3 forges.

Unlike the other forges, you can complete any weapon frame in the Bergusia Forge.

This service is for completion of the Bergusia Forge which drops all the forge weapons in one place

If you need the Black Armory Key Mold questline completed then you should select the Bergusia Forge + Black Armory Key Mold Quest option.

1 review for Bergusia Forge Boost

  1. dsas

    I\’m happy and grateful that this team of good people were able to complete this with hectic work schedule. I will continue in the future with guardians. Many thanks to their staff and customer service

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