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May 9, 2018
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Glory Rank Boost

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Glory Crucible Rank Boost

Welcome to Best Destiny Services! we are now selling glory rank boost.

Glory is a Crucible progression rank that goes up as you win matches in the Competitive playlist and down as you lose.

Ranking System:

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend


Glory’s various ranks are used to earn Lord Shaxx exclusive items or complete Crucible questlines.

Glory rank caps at 5,500 Rank Points. Once players hit Mythic and Legend Rank, they will have to complete 3 matches a week to avoid a weekly decline in Rank Points. Decay does not apply to lower ranks on a weekly basis.

3 reviews for Glory Rank Boost

  1. Darryl

    Ok. I just used this service. In the beginning it was pretty slow, due to my location (I’m in Japan) and not seeing my emails till the next morning or hours later. So this delayed my order. But once they were able to get on my account there were not problems. Finished my order (Claymore) in roughly 3 to 4 days and they had to pretty much start from scratch (I only had 120 points). Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with this service and will be using it when ever I deploy and won’t be able to play. Good Job guys! Look forward to acquiring your services in the near future!

  2. jackflash0120711

    Super quick service from when I placed the order to completion took about 2 hours i had a few questions and Josh and Joe where super quick to answer them would recommend to any who are hitting a wall that they can’t push by solo

  3. Got NF

    I got to 4656 glory bought the 1k points not even a day passed and got the NF the team where quick and won every game very recommending on buying here

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