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September 17, 2018
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Last Wish Raid Boost

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Last Wish Raid Boost

Riven, the last known Ahamkara, corrupts the Dreaming City. Mara Sov requested the help of Guardians to complete the Last Wish raid and defeat Riven in order to earn exclusive rewards in the final game.

Raids are one of Destiny’s toughest PvE challenges requiring high skill and game knowledge along with a team of firefighters working together. This raid has proven to be the hardest raid that has ever been launched. It has a recommended power level of 550 and that goes up to 580 by the final encounter.


Raid Exclusive Rewards –

All rewards are RNG and not guaranteed. Boss drops at higher level will reward Powerful raid rewards. At the current level, hidden chests reward raid rewards.


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12 reviews for Last Wish Raid Boost

  1. asdddsd

    great service.

  2. asasdd

    Switched from PS4 to PC and had a lot of catching up to do with very little time. These guys took care of the raid for me and I managed to get some God Tier weapons in the process.

  3. asdsds

    Quick, professional service as always! Thanks again guys.

  4. sadas

    Always awesome service. Fast completion and clear communication. Pleased!!!

  5. asddssdsds

    Quickly completed the weekly challenge, recommended for people who have problems getting a decent team together

  6. adsdd

    Super fast service, completed within an hour!

  7. sdsdad

    Quick, professional service as always, I love these guys, a big

  8. asdsdsd

    Amazing quick service, Thank you!

  9. dsadssdd

    These guys are unbelievable.

  10. sadsdas

    Executed quickly and was able to play again within 2 hours. Perfect! 10/10

  11. sdasdaasd

    Fast and efficient

  12. asdsd

    Fast professional honest service

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