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July 21, 2018
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September 8, 2018

Luna’s Howl Boost

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Luna’s Howl Boost

about the weapon:

Okay, let’s be absolutely honest… this is CANNON’s best man! The down side is that it is a very long grind, requiring hundreds of kills in the comp playlist (including headshot kills) and much more. Everyone was excited about “3-tap” hand cannons and this gun is not disappointing with 180 rpm and still capable of a 3-tap! The price is scary for sure, but behind the sights of this weapon, you will be even scarier.

Destiny 2 provides a broad range of weapons for players to choose from. Whether it’s the shotgun of the Lord of Wolves or the Chaperone, some of these weapons are more difficult to obtain than others. There are a range of measures to pursue those who want to get their hands on the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon,

Quest includes the following:
  1. Complete 10 competitive matches

  2. 150 hand cannon kills, no assists, in COMPETITIVE

  3. 200 solar kills, no assists, in COMPETITIVE

  4. Complete 3 Rumble matches

  5. 100 hand cannon precision kills, last hits, in COMPETITIVE

  6. Reach “Fabled” in the Glory enabled playlist – 2100 points to achieve.

  7. Return to Shaxx at the tower main hall for Luna’s Howl reward.

  8.  Go play the crucible and slay some guardians to dust



Precision Hand Cannon, 180 RPM–78 Impact, 57 Crit–39 Body, 1s Optimal TtK (2C2B or 3C1B), 1.67s Base TtK (6B)–6 Resilience, and 1.33s Average TtK (1C4B or 5B) are the stats for this gun. Also this Destiny 2 Hand Cannon comes with the following advantages: Drop Mag (very quick reloading, loses ammo in the mag), Zen Moment (handling harm improves strength), and Magnificent Howl (quickly landing 2 -precision bullets in a brief time gives bonus harm).

3 reviews for Luna’s Howl Boost

  1. dsads

    I am at a loss for words. This is amazing! Im looking through the triumphs like an after action report. The pure skill and utter destruction they unleashed on the people was insane. I cannot suggest a better service. Fantastic! Extremely fast and deadly efficient. Like finished the entire questline in 29 rounds. It would of taken me 200 and over a month! Will most certainly be coming back. Just mind blowing! Cant thank you guys enough!

  2. dadsads

    Really great handcannon. Even if you are not great with handcannons.

  3. dsadsads

    I didn\’t trust this kind of thing and was hesitant to try, however I don\’t necessarily have the time and group to run this. Luna\’s Howl was completed from 2nd step to finish in about 3-4 hours. Incredibly professional, and I purchased other things as well

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