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April 9, 2019

Outbreak Perfected Boost

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Outbreak Perfected Boost

Outbreak Perfected is a Pulse Rifle that is acquired from completing the mission Zero Hour.

Bungie recently released surprise Exotic quest that rewards the Destiny Outbreak Perfected as spiritual follow-up to the beloved Whisper of the Worm mission. This Exotic pulse rifle is re-engineered version of the Outbreak Prime, an Exotic from Iron DLC’s original Destiny Rise.
Outbreak Prime was a SIVA-tech weapon obtained through another obscure quest, so it’s only fit for Outbreak

*Requirements: Must be 660+ Power Level

11 reviews for Outbreak Perfected Boost

  1. barry

    Amazing service as always. Wouldn\’t change a thing. These guys care about their customers and it shows

  2. barry

    Started right away and was done pretty quick. Amazing job

  3. ari berg

    Perfect service as always.

  4. tony

    Order was completed in less than an hour, always efficient, highly recommend.

  5. tony

    Earned me one of the coolest emblems in the game. Thanks fellas!.

  6. steve

    this gun is powerful, the siva swarm is back!

  7. clark

    Very stable gun almost no recoil once you yet get it going.

  8. john

    Logged on same day and completed quickly. Never had an issue with their boosting service.

  9. bernie

    Brought the package to do the run with them and with 5 minutes of buying they had a team ready to run and we did it first try. Anazing job guys

  10. leon

    It’s a beast now will be even better when catalyst filled

  11. anna

    100% Satisfied completed my order super fast! I highly recommend there service…

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