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Wish ender boost
September 26, 2018
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Ascendant Challenge Boost
October 17, 2018

Shattered Throne Boost

(9 customer reviews)


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Shattered Throne is our new dungeon carry & recovery service, a new Forsaken exclusive event introduced in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2. Full clear, exclusive powerful engram rewards, everything that drops during the run is yours to keep. Order on account (recovery mode), or join us in game and get carried all the way to the end. More is to come, will update this page as new dungeons get introduced in the game!

*Requirements – Power level 560+

9 reviews for Shattered Throne Boost

  1. dsads@dsajnas

    I asked them to do the encounter on my Titan but after several hours they switched to my warlock without consulting with me. Also they printed out several weapons and used materwork cores without consulting with me. I had to go to a different carry-service to ask them to do the encounter on my Titan. An hour later they finished my order.

  2. dssa

    Super fast service, completed within an hour!

  3. sddsa

    Super fast and amazing service as always

  4. dads

    Order Completed via a Solo Flawless Run. Was completed within 24 hours. Great Service!

  5. dadssd

    I ordered a solo run and I am blown away by how fast it was completed! This is what keeps me coming back to this site the superb handling and work effort these guys put in for us.

  6. dasds

    Asked for solo run and got done almost instantly

  7. dsadsa

    Ordered a solo run and it was completed in just over an hour. Great service, highly recommend!

  8. dsa

    Ordered a solo run, completed in just over an hour. Great service!

  9. dsa

    Order completed within an hour!! Excellent service!

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