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September 17, 2018
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The Blind Well Boost

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The Blind Well

The Blind Well is a horde mode for the Forsaken expansion which is similar to Escalation Protocol and Court of Oryx.  It offers several tiers of difficulty in which players fight through waves of enemies for a chest which rewards Dark FragmentsLegendary Gear and most importantly a Seed of Light.

Seeds of Light are the only way to unlock a new subclass and are a rare drop from this activity.

Petra Venj also offers several bounties which require Blind Well completions.

3 reviews for The Blind Well Boost

  1. dsadsa

    Once again these guys performed very efficiently. I’ve been having difficulties juggling all three characters in power leveling but they took care of these intensive steps for me. Thank you!

  2. dsaas

    Ordered tier lll unstable charge of light service which was completed in record timing! I love these guys!

  3. sadds

    They are simply the best! Ordered different stuff throughout the last month and they always work quick and effecient!

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