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November 27, 2018
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December 6, 2018

The Mountaintop Boost

(13 customer reviews)


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  • The Mountaintop’s unique perk is “Micro-Missile: This weapon fires in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed.”
  • In addition to the above benefits, the projectile instantly detonates on the environment instead of bouncing like a traditional grenade launcher, unless you have Sticky Grenades selected.

13 reviews for The Mountaintop Boost

  1. henry james

    they made it im so happy!!!

  2. sadds

    they made it im so happy!!!

  3. faf

    thank you so much! 10/10

  4. ddsd

    Finished the grenade kills fast and easy for me. Great job !!

  5. dsdsad

    Finished the grenade kills fast and easy for me. Great job !!

  6. dsadsa

    Amazing service. They were extremely quick in completing this quest. Would totally use them again.

  7. dadsads

    Very fast and professional service. They took less than 12 play time to complete the quest, very impressive! Would totally use their services again.

  8. dsaads

    They’re awesome. Exactly what I was after and real fast

  9. dsadas

    They were able to complete it with all the grenade launchers I had available. Minimal changes to my loadouts too.

  10. dsads

    fast and reliable. will def be using again.

  11. dsdsdsa

    Honestly amazing it took less then 12 hours to complete it. To the person who did it you are a absolute legend.

  12. dsads

    The entire process was done in about 18 hours, I got everything I paid for. Good stuff.

  13. dsadasa

    I was blown away at how quickly my Booster moved through this quest! I thought it would take a week to complete. I ordered this on March 23, 2019 and by March 25, 2019 it was completed. Major kudos to these hardcore players who move quickly through difficult, sweaty quests like this. Another job well done, thank you Best Destiny Services!

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