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Thorn is a hand cannon acquired after the Independent Study quest is completed.

In the EDZ, this quest begins. Thorn handles damage to KINETIC and is equipped in the slot for kinetic weapons. The Best Destiny Services team is here to help if you need help completing this weapon!

9 reviews for THORN BOOST

  1. Justin Hinderman

    Great service and done at a great amount of time. Highly recommend these guys

  2. dsadsa

    I put in my order for this activity and two others before I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and noticed I had an email stating that all three orders had been completed. When I looked at the time timeframe of the orders, It literally only took them 2 hours to complete all three orders! I can\’t say enough how amazing these guys are! I don\’t even have the subscription plan either. Five-star reviews all day for these guys!

  3. dsads

    The final strike for this gun kicked my ass, even at the recommended light level. I’m a hardcore PVE grinder with a highly active clan that raids regularly, but even this was too much for me to solo, and nobody else in my clan was able to help out at the time. Guardian Services was there for me when my clan wasn’t, though! The order was placed around midnight my time, before bed, and I woke up to a shiny new Thorn in my inventory in the morning! Better than Christmas.

  4. ddsa

    Fast and efficient and good communication. Can’t find a team they can do it all or part, with or without your participation. Great service for all game situations. Thanks Again.

  5. dsa

    Superb service. Notified me right away via text they\’d be logging in, and did the same about an hour later when they had completed this pesky quest step I had been struggling with. Between a demanding full time career and running a household, I barely have time on weekends and don\’t want to spend all of it grinding in crucible for kills. Now to finish off the quest line! Thank you for the amazing and prompt service!

  6. dsdsa

    Thanks for the help, highly recommend when struggling and they complete it fast.

  7. dsads

    My crucible isn’t great to begin with, but being restricted to a hand cannon was brutal and there was no way I was going to complete it without an ungodly amount of hours and frustration. They swooped in and helped me out in no time. Excellent job and thank you so much!

  8. dsdsa

    This service is fast and top notch. Had them complete a couple things for me along with thorn final step and they were fast about everything. If you need something done I would absolutely recommend these folks because they are the best.

  9. dsadsa

    I despise the crucible but unfortunately most desirable weapons require you to endure the agony. Thank god I found these guys! They knocked it out in a couple hours for me and left me all the loot. Thanks guys you do a great job and I\’ll be back!

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