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November 27, 2018
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Volundr Forge

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Season of the Forge introduced the Black Armory and with it new 3-man activities. Volundr ForgeGofannon Forge and Izanami Forge.

Ada-1 will give you a quest chain that you need to complete to unlock the forge and also reward you with a Black Armory weapon once you complete the specific forge quest. You will also need to complete the forges for weekly and weapon bounties from Ada-1.

2 reviews for Volundr Forge

  1. administrator

    I work in a medical practice so it\’s difficult to put the time into the grind. Guardian services were extremely efficient, professional and very swift turn over of services.

  2. administrator

    Work was crazy during the holiday season, so great to be able to have this done for me so I don’t fall behind when playing with friends. Awesome and professional as always!

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